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professorbooty's Journal

Strange Detractor
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I am a little girl from Norway. Let's bake cookies!
!parenting, alan moore, ambient music, anarchism, angry geese, anime, anti-astrology, anti-patriotism, atheism, autechre, beating swords into plowshares, beatles, being knighted in error, björk, boards of canada, bourbon, brian eno, buddhism, burritos, cats, cheese, cheesecake, church of euthanasia, clive barker, coen brothers, coffee, cognitive neurosciences, coil, comic books, david bowie, david cronenberg, death penalty abolition, disarmament, dj spooky, dnb, double-bagged brain, drug legalization, drum and bass, dugga, echidna, einstürzende neubauten, election reform, electronic music, entartete kunst, failing the turing test, films, first do no harm, food, free will, freebsd, freedom, fridge, gamera, games, godflesh, godspeed you black emperor!, godzilla, grant morrison, green politics, hayao miyazaki, health care for all, hibakusha, idm, illbient, independent media, irreligion, irritating noises, jack dangers, jean-pierre jeunet, jim jarmusch, johnny cash, kaiju, karma?, kraftwerk, language is a virus, laughing at your pain, legumes, libertarian socialism, linux, mad science, mars needs ninjas, meat beat manifesto, memetics, microraptor gui, miles davis, moby, monkey steals the peach, my completely amazing wife, my culture is defective, múm, neal stephenson, neil gaiman, nethack, no children, noam chomsky, noise, orbital, overloaded interests fields, pacifism, peace, peter gabriel, photography, politics, poop, portishead, prefuse73, puzzles, random acts, roy orbison, sandman, sarcasm, scorn, settlers of catan, sharing ideas, sherlock holmes, simon and garfunkel, skepticism, snog, social libertarianism, socialism, solve et coagula, soma, soy, speedy j, spring heel jack, static, sterilization, stuff, swans, tai chi, techno animal, telepathic death threats, terry gilliam, the lorax, thinking too much, tino corp., tmi, unattributed quotations, unix, vegetarianism, vhemt, voluntary human extinction movement, w00t, warp records, warren ellis, we, we are the krill, wine, wire, ò_ó